The Essential HR Metrics to track during Covid19

With a dire situation in the Covid-19 pandemic, even the top HR Leaders with strategic minds have their worlds rocked. As such, most professionals have resorted to reactionary thinking, which may help in the short term but detrimental in the long one. However, by observing key analytics and metrics of Covid-19, one can calculate and adjust to scenarios beforehand.

Data sets provide clarity and visibility in the pandemic fog, helping us visualize how our organizations are being impacted. A variety of options are available, one of which is to conduct a weekly survey asking employees about their wellbeing. This allows the Leaders to visualize on the worker’s level and help understand the dynamic with ease.

Further developed clients of HR measurements will be taking a gander at the essential ramifications for ability. For instance, in associations where no matter how you look at it staff compensation reductions have been suggested by the finance department, HR can use measurements to inspect various portions of the labor force, model the possible effect, and concoct conceivably more powerful arrangements. Certain fragments may warrant a higher cut while other, more weak portions might be given more modest compensation cuts. The shrewd utilization of HR information can point the route forward to more practical business activities as well as a re-visitation of success, setting aside cash however protecting the capacity to increase immediately when required. Read on to understand the types of data being requested by industry professionals:

Roles and Positions

An organizational design data is basic for both representative wellbeing and business continuity because it aids in monitoring where workers are and assist HR Leaders with a better understanding of the different variables in their company. As the world slowly progresses to get back to work, this will turn out to be considerably more important, as choices should be made about what jobs can be performed at home versus jobs that require the worker to join the office. For companies with local employees or remote workers worldwide, geographic data on workers is fundamental to monitor the situation with the pandemic in various areas and how government measures in that region control it. With remote workers being an integral part of businesses, managing their wellbeing and gathering data is considerably tougher, Peoplesonic helps bridge the gap by having the entire organization’s HR management under one umbrella making it easier to communicate and reach out to the stay at home employees. By analyzing data from across the different departments, HR Leaders can better understand which employee group possesses the skill level to operate in tandem with other departments without much training.


The usage of HR data and examination in circumstance, planning can play a vital part in budgeting decisions. Whether or not the workforce has expected to build on account of extended revenue for goods and services, or whether it has remained static or declined due to decreasing demand in the pandemic, HR Leaders need precise data about how much money is related to every decision being made, the automatic processing and payroll management with PeopleSonic makes this aspect less hectic. Employee’s pay, benefits, and cost data will play a vital role in those decisions and can easily be monitored with integrated HR software. Any company hoping to make employee reductions requires key data and analytics to rightfully judge which employees are essential going forward. Having data being delivered quickly and efficiently can help in this regard.


Business change requires understanding where the organization remains as of now, what it may resemble during progress and what the ideal end state would achieve. HR investigation is a critical part of groundbreaking choices like cutting back the labor force or adding countless new specialists to deal with increased demand. As product and service delivery goes through colossal change – conceivably for an extended period of time – across multiple enterprises, HR Managers ought to inquire as to whether similar numbers of full-time employees are required. Could an expansion in the “gig economy” laborers, for example, workers for hire or specialists do the work without the need to build lasting staffing overheads?

Employee Wellbeing 

Following employee wellbeing and utilizing information to expect non-attendance spikes ought to be the base of any HR analytical work. Moreover, the HR information system (HRIS) ought to be the hub for information about employees, including emergency contact information and wellbeing-related information. Correspondence from HR about accessible help might be valuable for workers who are managing sickness or anguish issues in the wake of the pandemic, and the information gathered from staff studies and one-on-one connections from the manager can be used for personal or humane outreach.

Staff Retention

It might appear to be odd to focus on staff maintenance when reductions and job reconfigurations are normal survival strategies however knowing the workers at the most risk of compulsory turnover can be significant when making future arrangements. The correct information can assist you with figuring out which representatives are most in danger of leaving, and when this may happen. For instance, if past worker leave surveys have shown that an absence of professional development is a vital justification for why workers leave the organization. Maybe staff has not been taking yearly leave since the COVID-19 hit. On the off chance that yearly leave days are down, it could demonstrate workers are wavering nearer to burnout. A hop in representative turnover could be in transit.

Boosting employee engagement and tracking essential HR metrics with the help of advanced digital tools such as the complete HR management of PeopleSonic is the modern way to go! Such software allows you to work with your employees and focus more on their engagement and productivity whereas the automated functionality does the rest for you. Keeping employees engaged with an online learning curve will not only help the development of related skills but ease their workload, which are all signs of a healthy workspace and engaged employee!

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