Time and Attendance Encourages Productivity
Culture is one of the most important parts of a business. Often a clear indicator of good work culture is prompt attendance. If work is not a great place to be, why would employees be motivated to turn up on time everyday? PeopleSonic wants to promote better work culture through real-time insights and automated reporting.
  • Tracking attendance can be difficult, but PeopleSonic makes it simple, easy and accurate to the minute
  • Allow managers and supervisors to detect patterns in employees behaviour and react accordingly
  • Simple and easy to use with multiple shifts options
  • Define grace period to track if the employees are on time
  • Define half day by setting required hours in a shift
  • Enables accurate (to the minute) work hour calculations, even for remotely located employees.
  • Monitor and prevent rogue errors being calculated as working hours
  • Options for bulk uploading attendance, manually adding attendance or automatically tracking time for employees
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Create a Culture of Excellence
PeopleSonic provides company admin to manage their employees attendance and keep record of their timesheets. Employees can clock in/out from mobile, ipad/Tablet and web. The company admin can upload the time sheets and define multiple shifts for employees. The manager or the company admin can also add or edit clock in/out entries of any employee. The system also provides daily, monthly and employee based reports in order for the managers and company admins to develop a more productive work culture.
No Platform for Small to Medium Businesses would be complete if it didn’t result in tangible benefits that take things to the next level. PeopleSonic Time and Attendance solution can help business to :

- Improve morale and staff retention by identifying employee attendance trends
- Focus on developing a culture of excellence by tracking time
- Give managers and supervisors the power to get the most out of their team by generating employee reports
- Build a strong trustworthy relationship with employees based on evidence.
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