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At PeopleSonic we don’t just want to build a HR and Payroll Platform for Small to Medium Businesses, we also want to disrupt the entire industry. For us it’s not just about creating innovative tech solutions to problems faced by small and medium business the world over. It’s about getting our message out there by connecting with people just like you.

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With a variety of entry options to suit any need, we make it easy to get onboard no matter where you’re coming from

Affiliates/Marketing/Sales Partners
We offer re-seller options for people who are our affiliates and would like to help us in selling our system. We provide up-to 60% commission based on volume of sales to our partners. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.
HR/Payroll/Accountants Partners
Companies or individuals who provide payroll services can get a white label solution of our product depending on their existing number of clients. They can also use PeopleSonic free for their own use along with earning a hefty commission from the payments of their clients. The companies get a dedicated interface to manage their clients and also can get dedicated support from PeopleSonic. Get in touch now to extend your service offering, make your process more efficient and earn more revenue from your existing clients.
Technology Partners
If you're an Individual developer or a technology company who are interested in developing an HR solution or would like to integrate your HR app with our platform then feel free to flick us an email to get more information about our APIs and a unique opportunity to work with us collaboratively in order to offer end-to-end solution. We offer up-to 100% revenue sharing to our technology partners.
Community Partners
If you are either passionate about HRTech, manage HRTech related online community, HRTech influencer or would like to disrupt an HR space then get in touch with us to know more about community partner program.
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