A Smarter Approach to Leave Management
Managing employee Leaves is one of the most important yet, most tedious pieces of information to obtain. The employers have to keep up-to date with the labors law and know about different types of leaves. They are obliged to provide leaves to their employees according to the rules and regulations set by the government and should keep a record of employee leaves in order to properly calculate the leaves. PeopleSonic makes leave management a piece of cake. The company admin is provided with standard leave types with all the required calculations are compliant with up to date laws of the country.
  • Real-time access to leave entitlements for both employees and employers
  • A simple and engaging leave request system
  • Manager approval or auto approve leave options
  • Pre-built country specific leave types
  • Automatic public holiday inclusion and calculations
  • Piece of mind to stay complaint and efficiently manage leaves of the employees
  • Flexibility to add/modify almost any type of leave rules as per organizations requirements
  • Employee specific and overall leave summary reports
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The leave management system facilitates employees to request for the leave from the web and mobile platform and check their leave balance. The company admin or managers gets notification for the leave request and can approve or disapprove leaves from mobile or the website. The leaves are pre-configured with standard rules and regulations. However, the company admin can update the leaves according to their own requirements. The leave balance, accrual, leave taken etc are automatically calculated by the system. Hence, the company gets more time focusing on the business instead of wasting time on the admin tasks.
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