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Running your payroll used to be a case of hiring someone to help with the huge amount of manual work involved, but what if there were a smarter way? Luckily for you that’s where we come in
  • Reduce the amount of data handling steps.
  • Accurately calculate net salary payments, allowances, deductions etc.
  • Send automatic salary slips to your employees via email.
  • Enhanced efficiency guaranteed
Ready to Tackle Payroll the Smart Way
Try PeopleSonic today and ensure non compliance is never an issue again.
A Platform That Makes Payroll Easy
When you’re searching for a HR and Payroll Platform for Small to Medium Businesses you might think you have to spend hours learning a new system, but that’s where you’re wrong. People who use PeopleSonic can:

- Instantly setup their payroll in 1 minutes or less
- Quickly calculate payroll for specific timeframes and employees
- Make all necessary changes with the click of a button in seconds
- Get support and help about payroll from the friendly staff members
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