Core HR
  • Employee Self-service
  • Dashboards
  • Department
  • Designation
  • Roles/Permissions
  • Document Management
  • Settings/Customization/Branding
Business is run by the people and managing people is one of the critical factors in effectively growing the business. The core HR includes everything you would need to manage your employee data effectively. The core HR is integrated with other HR Apps such as payroll, leave or attendance systems to provide end-to-end solutions.
  • Standardized and effective approach to manage employee data.
  • Employee self service to reduce the workload and provide up to date employee information.
  • Custom Roles/Permissions to address different needs of the organizations.
  • Centralized HR management software for multiple business locations.
  • Easily accessible anytime, anywhere with high security.
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The core HR features include employee self service, document management, custom roles/permissions, dashboards, department management, Job Title/Designation management, bulk import for employees etc. The system also provides an option to add custom employee fields to suit the organization requirements.The system is a highly secure cloud based system that can be accessed by mobile, desktop or any other internet enabled device.
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