Optimize People Management With a Competent HR System

As we’ve previously discussed in some detail, inefficiency in core HR tasks leads to a lot of wasted potential – potential that could be critical to the success of a business.

Today, let’s look at how a tailored HR solution can boost the efficiency of those core tasks, using the PeopleSonic Integrated HR Management Solution as an example. 

Data Standarization

Employees come and go, that is a fact of running any business – this includes HR personnel as well. If there is no standard solution implemented, each new employee will do things slightly differently, format spreadsheets and documents in their own way. That is something which will become more problematic as the amount of data increases and the amount of HR personnel increases and someone has to search through previous data for critical information.

By implementing a standardized data input and storage system, the PeopleSonic HR solution ensures effective management of employee data and makes it easier to enter or retrieve information – no more scrolling through thousands of spreadsheets and cells!

Cloud-based Management

Is your business spread out over multiple locations? Does a single HR team manage all locations, or is the team split among those locations as well? In both those scenarios, you must have experienced the issue of data redundancy and sharing – how do you easily create a central repository where you, the business manager, can oversee data from all your business locations, at all times?

The solution is simple: Cloud management. Modern HR solutions like the one offered by PeopleSonic leverage the robust security and adaptability of the cloud to give an HR tool that can be spread out to as many locations as possible, and is accessible from any computing device, be it desktop, laptop or smartphone. Untether your data from physical locations and let PeopleSonic’s cloud-based HR management software store it in a secure, centralized location and save your team the chore of manually combining and storing the organization’s data.

Employee Self Service

Empower your workforce – provide them with a simple interface where they can see and edit their personal details, view their attendance statistics, payroll related notifications and all other HR related data.

This also helps unclog the work pipeline by saving your HR team the hassle of manually following up with each employee, the self service portal acts as the middle-man to obtain all necessary data from employees.

Customization, Customization, Customization

What good is a digital HR management solution that doesn’t let you tailor the software to your unique business requirements? The PeopleSonic Core HR features can be customized to your company’s structure – your team can define and manage jobs roles and designations for your company, as well as their access levels and permissions – you can in fact choose just how many they are able to view on their PeopleSonic dashboard.

PeopleSonic HR integrates with payroll automation, leave and attendance management systems to provide a single end-to-end solution which can help your team get on top of their people management woes. Read on if you’re on the fence about why your business needs to automate payroll management, or why you need to pay attention to leave management.

Even better, why don’t you make that leap and experience for yourself just how an integrated HR management solution can provide you with the time and resources to elevate your business to new heights.

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