4 Ways to Engage Your Employees Towards Technology

It is no secret that the advancement of technology in this era has boosted productivity, efficiency, and engagement to new heights. By gradually integrating technology and future advancements into our workflow, our growth in almost every sector has grown exponentially and cut down time consumption drastically. 

With the help of technology at our disposal, communication and management as a whole has been highly productive. Employees are able to attend online meetings, access various tools, digitize their data, and have a seamless connection to their work irrespective of their location. The automation of most tasks has therefore decreased the burden on employees’ shoulders while enabling them to work sufficiently by putting out maximum efficiency which directly allows a business to compete at a greater scale.

With the current pandemic situation around the globe, more emphasis has been put on remote and digital work. Thankfully with the current advancement of technology we are able to compute our workstreams rather efficiently from home. Therefore a business that lacks the available technology or hasn’t transitioned in time may struggle during this period.

Similarly, employees which lack the understanding or are intimidated by this transition may prove to a liability than a worthy asset to an organization, therefore enabling them to open up to the digital world will not only be useful for a company’s growth rather the growth of an individual as well! Here are 4 ways you can gear your employees towards technology.


Create an Adaptive environment:

As with the current change in the workplace environment, creating an immersive experience online may be tricky especially if the employee base isn’t tech-savvy or prefers to work without much influence of technology. Therefore building around the emphasis of transitioning to the modern work methodology is key to revitalizing your business during this period.

It is important that leaders and the management not only convey this effectively but create a culture that plants the seed for a progressive and adaptive environment. Being able to switch and adapt to new ways is an essential part of the modern world, as employees are required to be versatile to match the demands set by society.

Therefore creating a base or platform where employees can build their flow towards technology and be less intimidated by its usage should be implemented, technology should be perceived as a tool rather than an option. With decent exposure, the heads will surely turn in favor of technology 


Present functional and user-friendly technology:

As mentioned in the previous pointer, opening up and presenting the usefulness of the available technological tools will help employees engage. Showcasing the benefits and total outcomes will provide them with a cushion to work with more freedom as well as ease. Opting to adopt user-friendly software etc will help the employees visually feel focused rather than having software that is clustered with information and analytics, keeping it simple is the definite way to go. Presenting technology that is a hassle to use or provides a broad learning curve will intimidate the users and may even be met with resistance on their part. Employers must therefore be careful to not introduce such technology into the workstream as this will create a feeling of discomfort amongst the employees and later be pinned back at the business.

Introducing new technologies should never be barred, but carefully picking which ones actually serve a purpose and provide the necessary tools for the team should be chosen. This selection process will remove any kinks and streamline the functionality and purpose of using such technology in the office.


Smooth Transition:

From an employer’s point of view, pushing their workforce to adopt a new piece of technology is not only a bad moral decision but a terrible business one as well. Putting anyone in an uncomfortable environment will create unease and may stunt their performance, therefore offering a complete course on the new technology being introduced as well as constant support to adapt to something new is the go-to method.

This also carries forward onto how the employees are approached during their training period, as a team consists of different mindsets and abilities providing a single solution to encapsulate each individual is not possible. Providing levels to their training will help distinguish which employees may need more help during the transition whereas others may be capable enough to adapt sooner. Tech-savvy employees may grasp the new technology based on a few online sessions/tutorials, but the same cannot be said for others. Providing a hands-on approach may be the solution in that case.

As a chain is as strong as its weakest link, ironing out the kinks by implementing a smooth transition period during a shift of technology will make the employees feel confident and in return reap a higher performance output for the company.


Implement technology in a beneficial manner or with an incentive:

The current economic standards of an average company may not be suited for direct incentives for adopting new technologies, however, incentivizing or providing a monetary reward for their hard work shouldn’t be eradicated completely.

Providing monetary rewards isn’t the only tactic you may use to engage your employees, creating a positive and supportive work culture may just be what you need. Providing a sense of accomplishment with positive feedback and a firm pat on the back shows the employee his work did not go unnoticed and motivates the others to work towards the same achievement. Recognition for similar abilities may seem like a small step but provided with collective appreciation, can bring a vast change. The newly implemented technology will also provide employees the opportunity to enhance their skillset and polish their abilities, which could further develop them into a higher role provided they keep it consistent. Indirectly proving to be a positive and effective method.

Boosting employee engagement with the help of advanced digital tools such as the complete HR management of PeopleSonic is the modern way to go! Such software allows you to work with your employees and focus more on their engagement and productivity whereas the automated functionality does the rest for you. Keeping employees engaged with an online learning curve will not only help the development of related skills but ease their workload, which are all signs of a healthy workspace and engaged employee!

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