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Many payroll systems are becoming outdated and no longer adequate for managing the payroll process and entering employee time card information. Manual intervention is increasingly required to process the company payroll, meaning this is a workflow problem. PeopleSonic believes with the current technologies, not only is the payroll can be an automatable task, but it is the end of paper based payslips and timecards.
  • Reduce the amount of data handling steps.
  • Accurately calculate net salary payments, allowances, deductions etc.
  • Send automatic salary slips to your employees via email.
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Why spend time on manual payroll and risking penalty from the government for non compliance, try PeopleSonic for your piece of mind.
The payroll calculates how much the company has to pay to the employees along with relevant tax and other deductions. The current system can generate payroll for a specified period of time for selected employees. The company admin can also modify the payslips for individual employees in order to add or deduct any amount from the employees’ pay for that specific period of time. The company admin can publish the payroll which sends payslips via email to all the selected employees. The payroll also considers approved expense claims and mentions the reimbursements in the payslips.
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